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Lesson 4. Christ the Savior of the World

International Prayer Lessons Personal Notebook

Lesson 4. Christ the Savior of the World

In order for your prayer study to be your own as the Holy Spirit leads you, you will probably want to print out and complete the Personal Notebook page available at the International Prayer Lessons website at before reading my notebook study below.

New Ideas and Applications

God has natural attributes; among these are omnipotence and omnipresence. God has moral attributes; among these are holiness and love. Jesus has the natural and moral attributes of God. Jesus has all power on earth and in heaven. Jesus can be present with every Christian no matter where they are. As our Savior and Redeemer, Jesus is with us and we can go into all the world and preach the gospel and teach people to obey all that He has commanded. Do everything for the love of God, praying for His help.

New Topics for My Prayers

That my life shows I obey all Jesus’ commands. That I have His power and presence with me so I can obey Jesus Christ and teach others to obey Jesus too. Confess my faults to God without excusing them or accusing God. Pray for His peace and power to resume loving and adoring God throughout the day.


Register and pray with others in the IPL Forum. Post what you are learning about prayer below, post your questions or answer questions. Post your prayer requests and answers to prayer below so we can pray for you and praise God with you!

Listen again to the free audio lesson of Chapter 4. Christ the Savior of the World, and take additional notes as you listen. Go to: International Prayer Lessons at for more free audio lessons on prayer.

May God bless you and your praying as you draw consciously closer to Jesus!

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