Thoughts and Questions Acts 8:9-25

Simon the sorcerer believed and was baptized, but later Peter told him that his heart was not right before God and he was full of bitterness and captive to sin. What kind of belief leaves a person’s heart unchanged and captive to sin? What is the difference between being captive to sin and being overcome by temptation from time to time and choosing to sin? Jesus healed many who were under the power of the devil. Do you think Simon remained under the power of the devil even after he believed and was baptized? Do you see any indication that Simon wanted to obey Jesus as his Lord? Do you see any indication that Simon repented, or do you think that perhaps he only wanted to escape punishment for his sins. What should we advise someone who has believed and has been baptized, but remains captive to sin?

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  • Sometimes when someone who has been baptized and believes yet still remain captives has not fully surrendered themselves unto God. Sometimes people just go through the motions of going to the the altar and they haven't given anything over to God and they go back to doing the the same thing. The bible says to repent and to turn from your sins. Sometimes people need to change their surroundings who their hanging around as well as read the Word of God, go to Bible study,  Sunday School I mean stay in God's face if we really want to change and be made free. If you come naked before God, bearing all unto Him, He will free you from sin, He will free you from yourself, He will free you from all that holds you captive. Amen
  • Yes. I think changing your surroundings may help, especially if you have shared your new found faith with others and they have rejected the good news of Jesus. You may need to pray for them and leave them, unless the Holy Spirit is telling you not to shake the dust off of your feet and go on to others. Sunday school helps us learn what the Bible is teaching, especially when we share with others, and apply the Bible's teachings to the way we live. Someone once said that true belief will lead us to live according to what we say we believe. Simon did not seem to want to live in accordance with what he said he believed. If he truly believed in Jesus as Lord, he would have wanted to live under Jesus as Lord. It does not appear that he really wanted to do this, but he did want the power that the Holy Spirit can give.

    Maybe other Bible teacher and students can share their ideas, which might help when Sunday school begins Sunday or when a Bible study group meets to discuss. Pdyess, I enjoyed reading what you wrote.
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