Three Keys to Hearing from God — Daniel 10

The Bible is God’s message to us, and we hear from God primarily when we read the Bible. We hear even more from God when our reading the Bible leads us to studying the Bible. Every Bible teacher knows they hear even more from God as they study to prepare themselves for teaching the Bible. Finally, Bible students can better hear from God when they read, study, and prepare themselves to listen to their Bible teachers as a way to hear from God. If believers are seeking to hear from God through the Bible in these ways, they are far more likely to hear from God in other ways when necessary.

Can you find three keys to hearing from God in Daniel 10:12? “Then [the angel] continued, ‘Do not be afraid, Daniel. Since the first day that you set your mind to gain understanding and to humble yourself before your God, your words were heard, and I have come in response to them.’”

The first key to hearing from God is prayer. God will hear us as we pray. God sent the angel to Daniel because he prayed. To truly hear from God when we read, study, and teach the Bible we need to pray. We need to pray for God through the Holy Spirit to help us hear God’s message to us in the Bible. We also need to pray for God to protect us from false teachings that are not messages from God. A demon, “the prince of the Persian kingdom,” opposed Gabriel after God sent him to Daniel. Spiritual powers of darkness will seek to deceive us, cloud our understanding, and oppose our efforts to hear from God (perhaps even send a false teacher to us). A true message or messenger from God will never contradict the Bible.

The second key to hearing from God is to set our minds to understanding the Bible as we read, study, and teach. Hearing from God takes effort and focus. We can be hindered or misled by many distractions; so, choosing a place to read, study, and teach with the fewest distractions can help us set our minds to understanding the Bible.

The third key to hearing from God is to humble ourselves before our God, the God of the Bible, the Word of God written, God as God has revealed himself in His only begotten Son, the Word made flesh, Jesus Christ. We need to bow before God mentally and spiritually with a teachable spirit and a willingness to obey everything we hear from God through our reading, studying, and teaching of the Bible. When we have a willingness to submit to God and obey Him as our Lord and Savior, God will more readily reveal His specific plans for us, His faithful servants. When we decide will obey Him when we hear His voice, a voice we will recognize from our Bible studies, we will more easily hear Him when He speaks to us.

Can you discover other keys from reading Daniel 10:12? Post them as a Reply.

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  • The other key to hearing from God in Dan. 10:12 is to not fear. We are sometimes afraid God won't hear us or that He won't answer. Fearing will hinder our prayers,so we have to pray believing that God both hears and answers.
  • Absolutely! Thank you so much for sharing and saying that truth so well!!!
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