Living and Growing in Christ’s Resurrection Power — John 21: 1-14

The open secret to growing spiritually and living for Jesus is receiving the resurrection power of Christ into our lives. To receive Christ’s resurrection power, we must receive Christ himself into our lives.

When we begin the Christian life, we believe the Bible is true and we believe the facts about the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We believe He died on the cross for our sins and ascended into heaven. We believe John 3:16. But we do not stop there and simply say, “I am a Christian now;” we want Christ’s resurrection power to be a reality in our lives. What can we do to live and grow in Christ’s resurrection power?

On the basis of believing the Bible and the facts about Jesus Christ, to grow spiritually, we need to turn the focus from ourselves and from our past to what Christ wants to do in our lives today and in the future. Christ wants to live in our lives on the throne of our hearts in a way similar to His ruling at the right hand of God in heaven. How can this be? In prayer, we need to ask Jesus Christ to come into our lives in His resurrection power and take His rightful place in our lives as our Ruler and King. We need to ask Him to live within us and lead us moment-by-moment and day-by-day as our Lord. We need to do this humbly and sincerely. We can pause and do this for the first time or once again even now in prayer.

But how will we know when we are truly living in Christ’s resurrection power? When we are living in His resurrection power, we will act in ways similar Peter.

First, if we are living in His resurrection power, the most important thing in the world for us will be drawing as close to Jesus as we can all the time. Peter jumped into the water and swam and wadded a hundred yards in the Sea of Galilee to be with Jesus. Would we be willing to do that if we were given the opportunity and the power of Christ to do such a thing and see and talk with Jesus personally? Peter ran to Jesus uninvited at the time. Whether we know Jesus has invited us or not, when we run to Jesus to be with Him spiritually, He will meet with us. We may not see Jesus with our physical eyes, but in His resurrection power at any moment of the day we can talk with Jesus personally. Even before we do something that we know will need our undivided attention, we can ask Jesus to be with us and help us complete the task with His power and wisdom in us according to His principles and will. At any time of day or night, Christ will not deny us His presence when He knows we want to be with Him.

Second, if we are living in His resurrection power, the moment we know what Christ wants done, we will try to do it whether He asks us personally or not. If He does not want us to do something, He will let us know; perhaps through circumstances or a tug in another direction. Our willingness to obey Christ immediately and do His will no matter what the task is an indication that the resurrection power of Jesus Christ is working within us. The moment Peter heard Jesus saying bring me some fish, Peter jumped up before anyone else and ran to the boat to obey Him. By doing so, Peter obeyed Jesus and met the needs of his hungry friends. From reading the Bible, we will learn many things that Christ wants done by His followers; so, we need to read the Bible and tell Christ we want to do all we learn from His Word as soon as we learn it.

If you would like to learn more about living and growing in Christ’s resurrection power, listen to the free audio book by Andrew Murray and Brother Lawrence: The Believer’s Secret of the Abiding Presence available through the International Prayer Lessons & Commentary website.

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