Four Grand Goals for Every Christian — John 21

In the Westminster Shorter Catechism, written in 1646-47, the first question asks, “What is the chief end [goal or purpose] of man?” and then it gives the answer “Man’s chief end [goal or purpose] is to glorify God, and to enjoy him forever.”

To glorify God is to honor and praise God; perhaps the best examples of glorifying God are found in Revelation chapters 4 and 5, which we will be studying the last two weeks of April. You will notice that in the process of glorifying and honoring God on earth and in heaven, we (and the host of heaven) tell the truth about God before God and to one another.

But why glorify [honor, praise, and tell the truth about] God? Because we “Love the Lord our God with all our heart and with all our soul and with all our mind” (see Matthew 22:37).

And why will we enjoy God forever? Because God loved us first, we love God (see 1 John 4:19). Because we love God and God loves us, we enjoy God and being with God and God will enjoy being with us forever.

So, what are four grand goals for every Christian?

1. To Glorify, Honor, and Praise God by telling the Truth about God as we learn the Truth from the Bible.

2. To Love God by living according to the Truth from the One who is the Truth. Jesus said, “Anyone who loves me will obey my teaching. My Father will love them, and we will come to them and make our home with them.” (John 14:24).

3. To Enjoy God by spending time with God the Father and Jesus, especially in worship, Bible study, prayer, and fellowship with other Christians.

4. To Follow Jesus by caring for others wherever He leads (as Jesus told Peter) using the example of Jesus and the gifts and the wisdom Jesus gives us through the Holy Spirit who indwells Christians.

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May God continue to bless your Bible study and teaching and encourage you by His Word and Spirit!

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