Thoughts and Questions on Acts 11:15

Peter reported, “As I began to speak, the Holy Spirit came on them as he had come on us at the beginning” (Acts 11:15—NIV).

From the Bible Lesson we learn how much the Holy Spirit was involved in the growth of the Church and in new directions. I think the Holy Spirit is still involved in the Church and in our lives today. When people begin something new, especially something related to their faith, sometimes they will say, "The Holy Spirit led me to . . . ." Sometimes praying people are too humble to say that and think it sounds too proud to say that, so they say, "I thought I would . . . ." Yet, that humble way of speaking sometimes sounds like a proud way of speaking to believers. Sometimes it is easier to say, "The Holy Spirit led me to . . . ." after a person looks back and sees what God did through them and the results. If the results seem "bad" or "unsuccessful" from the world's point of view, they may be hesitant to look back and say, "The Holy Spirit let me to . . . ., but . . . ." The Holy Spirit led Jesus to the cross, but for almost three days the disciples could have had the world's point of view and thought, "The Holy Spirit led Him to Jerusalem, but . . . ." and then Jesus rose from the dead.

How might your class discuss the leading of the Holy Spirit in their church and in their life? How many find it difficult to speak of the Holy Spirit's work in their church and in their life? What are some good ways of giving the Holy Spirit the praise and glory He deserves without sounding arrogant?

Hopefully, some food for study, prayer, thought, and discussion here and in your Bible Study group.
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