When Believers are Choked by Weeds — Matthew 13

In Jesus’ parable of the wheat and weeds, He said they will grow together until the end of the age when the weeds will be removed from the kingdom of God. But what happens when a church has so many weeds the wheat is being choked?

The Bible teaches about the importance of church discipline. But what can the wheat do when a church has no discipline, when influential leaders have become weeds, when the weeds have taken over and the weeds are choking the wheat?

When this happens, a church can become, but may not become, a mission field. A praying believer can pray for the church and share the Bible’s teachings with others in the church, realizing that the church has become their mission field and the place God has called them to serve Him. However, the weeds may choke the faithful witness of the wheat into silence or ineffectiveness, so the wheat is forced to seek a new field of service.

Or, a praying believer can pray for the church and also pray for God to show them where they and their family can serve Him and not be choked by weeds. For families with children who need to be nourished on the Bible and the admonition of the Lord, this second alternative may be particularly important and crucial for the spiritual life of their children and their future. Nothing in the Bible says God’s wheat must stay in a situation where they and their family are being choked by the weeds.

So, believers can pray and search and seek the Lord’s will and ask God to lead them to a new wheat field where they can bear much good fruit. To change the analogy, the Bible does not teach that believers need to remain in a church where they are forced to eat bad fruit from bad trees almost continually, but if they do leave, they should leave prayerfully and sorrowfully and following the Lord Jesus.

Those of you who have faced situations similar to this or have thought about these issues may help others by sharing your experiences and posting your thoughts on the forum. What was your experience in a church that was or became your mission field? What was your experience when you felt compelled to find a new field to serve the Lord? What was your experience in your new field?

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May God continue to bless your Bible study and teaching and encourage you by His Word and Spirit!

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