What is Sufficient Evidence to Believe in God? — Luke 16

Probably most of us have talked to people who did not believe in God or did not believe in Jesus as their Lord and Savior, perhaps only saying He was a great prophet. What is sufficient evidence for someone to believe the facts about God and Jesus? Is belief achieved by talking about the beauty of creation and the intricate design of the universe? Perhaps that discussion helps many people come to faith in God. Is belief achieved by listening to reports by various people of their after-death experiences and what they saw in heaven? Perhaps such discussions encourage believers and unbelievers alike to be hopeful about their futures. What if someone came back from the dead and walked and talked among us? Jesus’ parable ends with the statement that some will not be convinced to believe even if someone rose from the dead. And after His resurrection, we discover that even though 3,000 believed in Jesus on the Day of Pentecost that many others refused to believe and shortly thereafter religious persecution against Christians began.

Jesus’ parable reveals what He considers sufficient evidence to believe in God and have faith in Him. Sufficient evidence for anyone to believe in God and have faith in Jesus can be found in the actions and writings Moses and the Prophets, by what God did through them and spoke through them, by what they taught and warned about, and by what they prophesied about the future Redeemer, prophecies that Jesus fulfilled as we read and discover in the New Testament.

Therefore, what you do when your read and study the Bible prayerfully and with the help of the Holy Spirit will give you faith and increase your faith in God and Jesus. What you do as a Bible teacher is of vital importance, because whenever you believingly and prayerfully teach from either the Old or New Testament the Holy Spirit will help your listeners believe and their faith in God and Jesus will be increased day-by-day and week-by-week. What we read, study, and teach from the Bible will make an eternal difference in our lives and in the lives of those we seek to serve by sharing God’s Word with them. The first step in saving faith is believing the Bible is true. And when we pray for our listeners and students as we share and teach what we are learning from the Bible, they will believe more and more in Jesus and by His grace and power they will someday live on the right side of the great chasm Jesus taught about in His parable.

If you have read thus far, please pray for all who read and study and teach the Bible that many might believe and become stronger in their faith and trust in God and Jesus.

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May God continue to bless your Bible study and teaching and encourage you by His Word and Spirit!

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