Truths About Persisting in Prayer — Luke 18

In addition to regular stated times for prayer and Bible reading each day, in 1 Thessalonians 5:17, the Apostle Paul wrote that we should, “pray without ceasing.” In Luke 18:1, we read, “Then Jesus told them a parable about their need to pray always and not lose heart.” Depending on your translation, we should either “pray always,” or “always pray.” To “pray always” can encourage us to live close to Jesus and be able spiritually to “pray always” before and whenever a situation calls for prayer and whenever a need arises. To “always pray” can encourage us to “always pray” before making any decision, taking any action, and as often as the Holy Spirit prompts us to pray. Pray and do not give up or lose heart. Pray for God to give you grace to persist in prayer until you receive God’s answer.

The love of God our Father and Jesus Christ for us encourage us to always pray. Jesus always prayed — even in the darkest hours on a mountaintop and before His greatest trials. Our Heavenly Father loves us so much that He graciously sent His only Son to save us and give us justice, mercy, and eternal life through faith in Jesus. Surely, when we obey Jesus’ command to pray always, our Father in heaven will hear our prayers. Let’s remember as we pray, our Father in heaven loves to help us; Jesus always prays for us, and the Holy Spirit within prays for us and always helps us pray rightly.

If God seems to delay His answers, God has good reasons. For example, when Daniel prayed twenty-one days there was a reason for the delay in his getting an answer from God — the angel God sent to answer Daniel had to overcome an opposing angel and Daniel’s persistent prayers made a difference (see Daniel 10:13). We have spiritual enemies that must be overcome, so we must keep on praying. There may be many good reasons for delays in our receiving answers to our prayers, so Jesus said, “pray always and do not lose heart.”

Through prayer and Bible study, we sometimes learn that we need to change our attitude or our minds about someone or something. We might need to pray for mercy instead of justice, for salvation instead of punishment. If we do not receive “justice,” we might need to remember to thank God for working out an unjust experience for our good. God has concern for all the consequences of every prayer we pray. God in His perfect timing must consider all the consequences of everyone’s prayers, and all the people involved that we know and do not know, and then work everything out for the best of all concerned and His eternal purposes. We can trust our Father to do what is best, right, just, merciful, and loving always; for He has shown that faithfulness to the world and us through our Lord Jesus Christ. Pray always and never give up!

In short, prayer is conversation with God and praying is talking with God. DON’T stop talking with God just because God does not give you what you want when you want it or think you need it. God will talk to you in the Bible, and through reading the Bible you show God that you truly want to hear what He has to say. As you read the Bible and pray, the Holy Spirit will help you learn more about why, how, and when God will answer your prayers.

Please share some of your answers to prayer and what you have learned about prayer that will encourage us to pray. Almost all of our IBLF members want to learn from one another, so please post your thoughts.

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May God continue to bless your Bible study and teaching and encourage you by His Word and Spirit!

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