Why Some Will Never Taste God’s Feast — Luke 14

In Jesus’ parable, the man who invited everyone to his feast represents Jesus, Who was inviting people to follow Him into the kingdom of God. He concluded His parable by saying that the first three who were invited, who made excuses not to come to the man’s (His) feast, would never taste the banquet. Why?

Why would they never taste THE banquet? Simple because they refused to go to THE banquet when invited. There was no guarantee that the man would ever host another banquet and no guarantee they would receive an invitation if he prepared another banquet. Because they refused THE invitation, they could not taste THE feast. They preferred the things and people of this world to the interests of the man, who represented Jesus, who invited them to spend time with Him and others in the kingdom of God. We might say they preferred the gifts God had given them, their time, talents, and treasures that all came from God, to God the Giver of life and all the good things we can enjoy thankfully in this life.

Without providing some obvious examples, no matter where we live around the world, we probably have heard of some (if we do not know of any personally) who obviously prefer the things of this world to the things of God. They have become notorious for their corrupt, dishonest, and sinful ways. With opportunities to turn their hearts and thoughts to God, we never see them turning from the things of this world and the sins they prefer to spend any time with God or to promote the things of God. Like the men in Jesus’ parable, they just want to keep pursuing their own interests instead of God’s interests. Therefore, they will never taste what God has prepared for those who receive and accept His invitation to spend time with Him.

Let’s continue to pray for one another and for all those in Sunday school classes and Bible study groups around the world, that when people hear the call of Jesus to follow Him with heartfelt and loyal devotion that they will not refuse His invitation. Let’s also say a special prayer for those we know or know about who seem to love this world so totally that they have excluded God and the good news of Jesus from their minds and hearts and way of life.

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May God continue to bless your Bible study and teaching and encourage you by His Word and Spirit!

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