Make Your Bible Study Group More Helpful — Romans 12

From Romans 12:9-21, we can ask ourselves seven questions that will help our Bible Study, Prayer Group, or Sunday School Class become more helpful. You might ask yourself and others in your group to reflect on these questions and perhaps make some suggestions either in a group discussion or to submit them privately to the group leader. Please contribute your ideas and questions here on the IBLF.

1. Are we devoted to one another in love in our class? If not, what can we do to become more loving and devoted to one another in our group?

2. Do we honor one another above ourselves? If not, how can we promote what is best for each person who comes to our Bible study or prayer group without competing with one another for attention?

3. Are we keeping our spiritual fervor? If not, how can we encourage each other to be more enthusiastic in serving the Lord and others in Jesus’ name?

4. Do we take time to rejoice with those who rejoice and to mourn with those who mourn? If not, how can we thank the Lord together for the blessings that are leading some to rejoice, and better use our sharing and prayer time to show concern for others who are hurting?

5. Do we live, study, and pray in harmony with one another in our group or do some create contentious discussion? If not, how can we reconcile those differences and people that seem to be causing discord and unhappiness?

6. Does our group heartily welcome all those who come for Bible study, fellowship, or prayer? If not, how can we become more welcoming to those who come to our group for the first time and encourage each other to participate from week to week?

7. Do people feel at peace with Christ and with one another when they come to pray and study the Bible in our group? If not, what can be done to promote the peace of Christ within each person and within our group?

Almost all our IBLF members want to learn from one another, so please post your thoughts on these questions or ask your own.

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May God continue to bless your Bible study and teaching and encourage you by His Word and Spirit!

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