Is Genesis Historically True? — Genesis 1:1-13

The short answer is “YES!” And the best book I have read on this topic is Genesis in Space and Time: The Flow of Biblical History (Bible commentary for layman) by Francis Schaeffer. If we do not believe Genesis is historically true, we simply do not have the answers to some of the most important questions of life. See:

Genesis in Space and Time: The Flow of Biblical History (Bible commentary for layman) by Francis Schaeffer -- Kindle

Genesis in Space and Time: The Flow of Biblical History (Bible commentary for layman) by Francis Schaeffer -- Paperback

Without going into all the possible questions people ask and the answers the above book gives, I’ll give one short thought I have on the topic.

Please let me give a simple illustration. My wife and mother-in-law, mother and grandmother once made beautiful warm quilts (my wife still can). God did not give me the talent to do so, and I have never had the interest or the patience to sew on anything more than a button. If you gave my wife and me fifty years to make them, she could make hundreds of quilts and I would make nothing worth looking at.

Now, let’s consider the wonderful world in which we live. Compare what God can do to what people can do, and the time it takes to do so. For example, Jesus changed water into wine in an instant without first needing to create grapes. After Jesus rose from the dead, He created fish in an instant with all their body parts and cooked them to feed His disciples without first needing to get into a boat to catch the fish. Jesus and the world in which we life reveal great truths about our awesome God.

Imagine the faith it takes for some people to believe that “nothing” can make something, and by giving “nothing” billions of years, “nothing” will eventually make something, and out of that something, purely by chance, our intricately detailed world came into existence and intelligent people came into being who can manipulate plants and animals (even changing their design, which takes thought, understanding, and power).

The Bible is much easier to believe and presents far more logically consistent facts than the ideas of those who refuse to believe that God exists or that God created the world. God has spoken truly to us in the Bible, and as we study Genesis over the next several weeks, we will be amazed at how reasonable the teachings in Genesis and the rest of the Bible truly are and how many answers the Bible gives to many of our questions.

Before we begin a new study of Genesis in September, invite others to study the Bible with you personally or invite them to your Bible study group or Sunday school class.

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May God continue to bless your Bible study and teaching and encourage you by His Word and Spirit!

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