Bible Study and Teaching Three Types of People — Genesis 2:7

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When God created people, God personally breathed the breath of life into them, which made them in the image of God both inside and outside. The spiritual life God gives people enables people to think, feel, and make choices with human limitations: we are not God. When Adam and Eve sinned, they not only damaged their relationship with God, but they also damaged themselves mentally, emotionally, morally, and physically. They grieved God and broke their relationship with God. They had an effect upon every person after them.

As Bible students and teachers, when we read and study the Bible we come before the LORD as people who are damaged mentally, emotionally, morally, and physically because we have sinned, and others have sinned against us. Because of our sins, we have grieved God; and our relationship with God does not begin to be what God wants it to be in this life until we accept His Son, Jesus Christ, as our Lord and Savior. Then, when God fills us with the Holy Spirit, we begin to heal mentally, emotionally, and morally, and sometimes physically as well — though not perfectly until we rise from the dead.

When we read and study the Bible, we come before the LORD as one of three types of people. We come before the LORD as believers, or as someone wanting to believe, or as unbelievers, How we come before the LORD makes all the difference in the world.

Someone has said, and I agree, “The first step in saving faith is believing the Bible is true.” As we read and study and even teach the Bible, do we believe the Bible is true? Or, are we seeking to discover whether the Bible is true? Or, are we coming with the conviction that the Bible is not true, and daring someone to prove to us that it is true?

God can work with us when we read and study the Bible as believers, or as people seeking to believe, or even as unbelievers daring to be convinced. But daily Bible reading results will be different for each type of person.

Doubtless, we make the Holy Spirit happy when we read and study the Bible believing the Bible is true and when we ask the Holy Spirit to help us learn more about God and how to please God. We will mature mentally, emotionally, morally, and spiritually by leaps and bounds!

If we are seeking to discover whether the Bible is true as we study, the Holy Spirit can help us directly and indirectly by leading us to people, books, and materials that can help us come to believe.

Finally, though this does not happen as often as we might like, the Holy Spirit can also convince unbelievers daring to be convinced to believe. The prayers of believers for unbelievers can make a difference!

Therefore, as Bible teachers, we may have all three types of people in our Bible study class or Sunday school. Those in each group will learn at different rates and ask different questions; therefore, we must always be praying before and during class (and asking the other believers in our class to pray too) that we can help believers grow in their faith and obedience to Christ, help those wanting to believe by rightly answering their questions, and patiently respond to those daring us to convince them to believe (without allowing them to become so disruptive they interfere with others in the class). Anyone in any of these three groups may need special attention after class.

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May God continue to bless your Bible study and teaching and encourage you by His Word and Spirit!

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