Some Secrets to Praying for Success — Genesis 24

From Genesis 24, we can learn some secrets to successful praying. Yes, it is okay to pray for success, but the most successful prayers are not selfish or self-centered. The servant prayed for success that the LORD might show kindness to His master Abraham. Since Jesus Christ is our Master, what would our prayers for success be like if we could add to each prayer, “And show kindness to all concerned through my Master Jesus Christ”? Successful prayers for success will include praying for the Lord’s kindness to be shown to others (or not be contrary to the Lord’s showing kindness to others). Following this secret to praying for success, we would never pray, “Lord, make me successful in this venture even though I am taking unfair advantage of someone.” When we pray for success, we can ask ourselves, “Is praying for this going to be fair to all concerned?”

When praying for success, we need to be specific, so we will know when the Lord has answered our prayers. Abraham’s servant was specific when he asked the LORD to show him the woman the Lord had chosen to be Isaac’s wife; therefore, he knew when the LORD had chosen Rebekah.

Based on his experiences, his prayer also included some of the qualities he sought in the wife for his master. He wanted a woman that showed hospitality to strangers and concern for thirsty animals. He wanted a woman who was physically able and willing to work hard to help others. The Lord expects us to be specific and make reasonable requests when we pray. It makes more sense to pray for success in business if we know something about business or at least have the willingness to learn what we need to know to manage a successful business.

When we achieve success, we need to prayerfully acknowledge that the Lord was the One who made our success possible, and we need to thank the Lord for answering our prayers.

Finally, Abraham’s servant told his prayer and the success of his prayer to the appropriate family members. Sharing our prayers and the Lord’s answers with the right people can encourage them and help them understand that our Lord is capable and willing to answer our prayers for success when we are willing to do what He shows us to do in answer to our prayers. When the servant learned that the Lord had answered his prayer, he immediately took the necessary actions that led to Rebekah becoming the wife of Isaac. When we pray for success, we need to be willing to do what God wants us to do, and not expect God to do for us what He expects us to do for ourselves and others.

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