How to Discover Your Destiny — From Genesis 25

Both Esau and Jacob did what they enjoyed doing, which was their destiny.

Esau loved to be outdoors. He loved to hunt and was a man of adventure. He tended to live only for the moment and did not think too far ahead sometimes. Without thinking about the consequences, he sold his birthright to Jacob. From looking at his subsequent history, he was probably more concerned about his financial inheritance than his spiritual inheritance. Eventually, Esau got what he wanted financially, and he continued his adventuresome way of life. He may have come to love and serve the LORD as his father, Isaac, taught him, but he could not be in the direct line of the Messiah, only one of the twins could be a direct ancestor of Jesus Christ and God chose Jacob to be that person.

Jacob loved to stay at home. He learned his family history and about the LORD’s promises to Abraham and Isaac. He learned about what the LORD told his mother about him. The family raised crops and tended goats and sheep. As we know from Jacob’s time with Laban, Jacob was an expert in raising sheep and goats and thereby became very rich. It appears that Jacob (or at least his mother) was concerned more about his first place position in the family than about his finances, for Rebecca had learned from the LORD that Esau would serve Jacob, and she wanted Jacob to receive Isaac’s blessing. Furthermore, it was Jacob’s destiny to be in the line of the Messiah.

We can learn something about our destiny by considering what we enjoy doing, but of course this is not always the case. Some who excel in art or music today loved and excelled in art or music as little children. Their destiny may include a lifetime love and practice of music or art, as well as an occupation involving music or art. Some children love to work with their hands to build, create, take apart, or repair things, and they may grow up to use these skills to work as adults. Some children loved to read and write, and they grew up to read and write for a living.

Some children can look back upon a rich spiritual heritage, with parents who took them to church, read them the Bible, and prayed with them. They may choose to continue in a life of faith in Jesus Christ, maybe even become pastors or missionaries, while some may unhappily turn from living for God in Christ. Others, late in life, have learned about Jesus Christ for the first time and have turned from their idolatries and self-centeredness to saving faith in Jesus as their Lord and Savior. These new Christians may commit themselves to help their children or the children of others come to faith in Jesus Christ and study the Bible.

Remember, one’s early childhood does not determine a person’s destiny. Some are what have been called “late bloomers,” because they learned what they wanted to do later in life.

If we do not know what God wants us to do, we can pray and look back over the events and interests that we have experienced. What have we enjoyed doing? Perhaps through these interests God has been directing our steps and all we need to do is walk in the path that God has seemed to mark out for us. Those who are retired can still discover their destiny by praying and asking themselves about the experiences they have had that have prepared them to serve God and others in the future.

What is your destiny, if you have discovered it? What do you think your destiny might be if you are still searching to find it? Remember: The Lord Jesus Christ has a plan and purpose for your life, and you can pray and trust in Jesus to lead you in the way you should go: all we need do is obey Him and follow Him wherever He leads. Sometimes, people discover their destiny in hindsight: they look back and see how the LORD has led them step by step and they continue walking in the path before them.

What would you suggest to someone who asked you about how they could find God’s will for their life and thereby discover their destiny?

Are there some in your Bible study group who would share with the class how they knew to become or became what they are today or how they came to believe what they believe today? Their stories might help others discover their destiny too.

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May God continue to bless your Bible study and teaching and encourage you by His Word and Spirit!

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    I love this chapter. I can do an entire sermon on it and still have enough words to do a second. I found my destiny in a small church in Carson City Nevada. From there it has been uphill all the way. I am one of the late bloomers. I am blessed.
  • Thank you so much for sharing this good news! God truly has blessed you and those you serve! I have learned so much from the November lessons, and I am truly happy the selection committee chose these chapters for us to study. May God bless your continued service in His Name!
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