The Benefits of Being Christian — Psalms 103

In Psalms 103, David lists many benefits of serving the LORD. These benefits include what the LORD did through Moses for His people. But David also listed many spiritual benefits for those who serve the LORD, as did Joshua and his family. In Psalms 103, David wanted to remind himself and all the Israelites of the many benefits they received, and would continue to receive, for remaining loyal to the LORD, their Creator and King. They were all Israelites, but not all of them had the servant’s heart and exclusive loyalty to the LORD that we find in Abraham, Moses, Joshua, and David.

Rather than repeat what you fill find in more detail in the International Bible Lesson Commentary on Psalms 103, let me challenge all of us to make a mental, if not written, list of all the benefits of being Christian. I say, “being Christian;” instead of “being a Christian,” because many people claim to “be a Christian” who are not “being Christian” by their way of life. If we live “being Christian;” that is, prayerfully practice living according to the commands of Jesus because we love and bow before Jesus as our Lord and Savior; then, we can have the assurance of receiving the benefits of “being Christian” and truly “being a Christian” now and forever.

If you are a Bible student or Bible teacher, think about and make a list of the benefits you enjoy “being Christian,” and then pray for the Holy Spirit to help you share with others the blessings of knowing Jesus as your Lord and Savior, especially during this Christmas season. Too many people are not aware of the daily and eternal benefits of following Jesus in order to with Jesus (knowing that Jesus inspires and truly lives within the hearts of those who are “being Christians”).

If you are a Bible teacher, after your class study of Psalms 103, or perhaps toward the end of class, you might ask your students to share what they consider are the benefits of “being Christian” and how these benefits might be different from the benefits someone might receive for only claiming to “be a Christian.” This could also be a take home assignment, especially for those who will miss Sunday school on December 23.

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May God continue to bless your Bible study and teaching and encourage you by His Word and Spirit!

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  • You must go to the International Bible Lesson Commentary website at or directly to the Class Preparation Guide for Students, which includes handouts for the rest of December 2018. I hope you find these and the other materials available at the International Bible Lesson Commentary website helpful. God bless your teaching! L.G.
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