Four Blessings for All Believers — Psalms 48

When we go to worship God with others (or in private), we need to remember to thank God for these four blessings. God’s character and power guarantees these four blessings will abide with all true believers in the God of the Bible. As the Son of God, Jesus demonstrated these four blessings by all He said and did among His followers.

First, we need to thank God for His steadfast love, unfailing love, or lovingkindness (depending on your translation). In 1 John 4:8, we learn that God is love. Infinite love motivates God when God says or does anything. When we worship God, let us thank God for His steadfast, unfailing, lovingkindness toward us. God’s love for us is sacrificial and self-giving: consider all Jesus did for us when He walked upon the earth. In our quiet time or public worship, we can praise and thank God for all the ways He has expressed His love to us as the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. [Psalms 48:9]

Second, we need to thank God for always using His power in or with righteousness. God’s love motivates God to always do what is right in all places and with all people. Believers can thank God that no matter what happens to us or others in this life that God will do and is doing the right things for everyone, and believers can always rejoice in the Lord knowing this fact, this blessing, this knowledge, is theirs. God will always do what is right, no matter how a situation might appear on the surface. [Psalms 48:10]

Third, we need to thank God and rejoice for the blessing of God’s judgments. Because God loves everyone, God is both just and merciful in all His judgments. God will give justice to those who believe in Him and trust Him with their lives and their futures. They may suffer from disease, deprivation or persecution, but God will give them justice if not now, then in the future. In loving justice, God will make everything right someday, and that is another one of God’s blessings for believers—they can trust God to fill them with His steadfast love, with His divine presence and power, and, yes, God will make everything right for every believer someday. Think of Jesus’ parable of the rich man and Lazarus. [Psalms 48:11]

Fourth, we need to thank God for the promise that He will guide us forever. The Lord Jesus declared that He was the good Shepherd and the good Shepherd of His sheep. Jesus will guide all who believe in Him into eternity and throughout eternity. Because Jesus loves us, He will faithfully guide us and bless us in ways far beyond our understanding. Believers always have the assurance of these four blessings (and many others) from God to give them reasons to rejoice and praise the Lord. [Psalms 48:14]

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May God continue to bless your Bible study and teaching and encourage you by His Word and Spirit!

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