Six Reasons God Answers Our Prayers — Psalms 66

Psalms 66 tells us why God answers our prayers.

Psalms 66:20 — First and foremost, God answers our prayers because of God’s “steadfast love” for us. We know God loves us because of His many gifts to us day-by-day: gifts for which we bless and thank God. But we also know something the Psalmist did not know. We know that God the Father loves us because while we were sinners God sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to die for us to forgive us for our sins and give us eternal life. God answers our prayers because we pray and because of God’s very nature: God is love.

Psalms 66:16 — Second, God answers our prayers because we “fear God.” God turns His listening ear toward those who respect and reverence Him, toward those who know God holds their lives and their futures in His hands. Jesus’ disciples showed Jesus the respect He deserved and rightly feared Jesus’ power when He stilled a storm and saved them from shipwreck and drowning. Jesus answered His disciples’ prayers because He loved them; and because they respected Him, trusted Him, submitted to Him and His teachings, and reverenced Him as their Lord and God.

Psalms 66:17 —Third, God answers our prayers because we “cry out to God.” When we “cry out” to God, we show God that we seriously need Him and His help in our situation. We show God that we know only God can help us with our problem. We cannot help ourselves. Our problem is too great for us. We need God to work a miracle or work through one of His angels or through His people. Because we have cried out to God with a specific need, we know when God has answered our prayers; then, we can glorify God when we tell others what God has done to help us in answer to our (and perhaps also “their”) prayers.

Psalms 66:17 —Fourth, God answers our prayers because our prayers include “high praise” of God. We acknowledge to God and others that God has the love, power, and wisdom to do whatever is right and best for us and all concerned in every situation.

Psalms 66:18 — Fifth, God answers our prayers because we do not “cherish iniquity” in our hearts. We hate sin and especially the sins we have committed. God answers our prayers because whenever we sin against God, others, and ourselves we “cry out to God” with deep sorrow and repentant hearts. We “cry out” for God to help us change from loving and cherishing any iniquity that remains in us to loving and cherishing only God supremely. Christians still sin sometimes, but doing evil is not our life’s purpose. We find our sins repugnant. Jesus understands our fallen humanity, so in the Lord’s Prayer Jesus taught us to pray to the Father and ask for His forgiveness while we also forgive others.

Psalms 66:19-20 — Sixth, God answers our prayers because God knows our hearts. God knows that after He hears and answers our prayers that we will bless God; we will thank God; we will give glory to God; we will resolve to serve God more faithfully; we will tell others that God has heard our prayers; and we will encourage others to pray as the Psalmist and Jesus our Lord have encouraged us because of God’s “steadfast love.” By telling others why and how God answers our prayers according to the Bible, we will encourage others to trust in and pray to God, and that is exactly what the Psalmist did in Psalm 66.

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