Praying for Holy Spirit Power — Matthew 28 & Acts 1

In the International Bible Lesson for April 28, Jesus talked twice about the Holy Spirit.

First, Jesus commanded His disciples to baptize new disciples of Jesus in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and to teach them to obey everything Jesus has commanded His disciples. This means those who do the baptizing according to Jesus’ commands are obeying Jesus. It also means that new disciples who are baptized according to Jesus’ commands are also obeying Jesus, and by their baptism they are showing that they want to obey all of Jesus’ commands. Therefore, a true desire to obey Jesus is foundational for disciples of Jesus when they pray for Holy Spirit power. Jesus may not be too interested in giving Holy Spirit power to someone who has resolved not to obey His commands. True Christians are not perfect, but the direction of their lives is toward following Jesus, and they want to follow Jesus as closely as they can according to the Bible with the Holy Spirit’s help. Jesus is very interested in giving Holy Spirit power to those who truly want to obey him all day every day. Do we want to obey Jesus with the Holy Spirit’s help according to the Bible?

Second, Jesus said that His disciples would receive Holy Spirit power when the Holy Spirit came upon them so they could be His witnesses. Do we want to be Jesus’ witnesses? Do we want to tell others about Jesus? Do we want to show we are Christians by His love working in us and blessing others? Jesus will show each of His disciples how He wants them to witness for him. It may be through prayer for others. It may be through prayer for Bible teachers and preachers. It may be praying for church leaders, evangelists, and missionaries around the world. Praying for Holy Spirit power should include our giving Jesus good reasons for why we want Holy Spirit power. We might ask Jesus for Holy Spirit power to pray for others and for power to help others in need with the resources He gives us. We might ask Jesus for Holy Spirit power so we can better understand the Bible as we quietly study alone or seek the help of Bible teachers. We might pray for Holy Spirit power to help us discern the truth when we hear the Bible taught or read Bible studies. We might ask the Holy Spirit to help all Bible teachers when they teach—so they will truly teach the Bible. We might ask for Holy Spirit power to help us pray, work, and give of our money, time, and talents in financial support and in other ways to help those who witness for Jesus Christ as the Lord leads us. We might pray for Holy Spirit power because God is calling us to teach the Bible or enter the mission field or serve Christ in some other public arena. I am sure you can think of other reasons for disciples to begin praying for Holy Spirit power; but notice, in some way a true desire to spread the good news about Jesus Christ is always a foundational part of and reason for praying for Holy Spirit power.

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May God continue to bless your Bible study and teaching and encourage you by His Word and Spirit!

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