Back By Popular Demand

Dear Friends of the Forum,

A few weeks ago, I underestimated the popularity of the English Standard Version of the Bible when I tried to offer fewer Bible translations (to reduce some errors I was making by offering too many translations). Thank you for letting me know that at least some of you prefer the ESV translation to the others, for beginning with our Ephesians 5:21-33 & 6:1-4 Bible Commentary and Lesson on August 25, I will resume using the English Standard Version along with the others. Please pray that the Lord Jesus will help me make fewer mistakes in trying to copy written materials from one translation and commentary to another so the commentaries are the same, but the translations are different. As importantly, please pray that the Holy Spirit will help me be of better service to you who teach the Bible and to you who study the Bible using these resources.

Whenever you see an error that needs correction or have some suggestions for making the IBLC or the IBLF more helpful, please send me an e-mail: Click Here To Email Me.

Please Note: I will sometimes add Bible verses to my commentaries that are not included in the "official" Uniform Sunday School Lessons Series or International Sunday School Lessons for three reasons. First, I like to give as much biblical context as I can when writing a Bible Commentary for the (ISSL) series. Second, by using the Internet, I do not have the page limitations that printed lessons must follow. Third, you can always choose to ignore the Bible verses in my commentaries that are additional to your denominational printed materials. Two recent cases in point are the Bible lessons for August 25 (where I have added commentary on Ephesians 6:1-4) and September 1 (where I will add commentary on Genesis 19:2, 3, and 27, 28). Hopefully, these few additions will be of some help to you.

May God continue to bless your Bible study each day and all who teach the Bible around the world!

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