Getting and Keeping Our Focus on Jesus

Yesterday I received a letter that if I wanted to keep using the Uniform Lesson Series sequence of Sunday school lessons that I would need to pay a license fee, which I certainly understand but did not know about. Since I write the International Bible Lessons Commentary for free, I chose not to pay the fee, but take a new direction.

The letter I received has opened a door to new possibilities for us and others. We can more easily get and keep our focus on Jesus! Beginning September 15, 2019, we will begin a verse-by-verse study of the Gospel of John. The format for this study will be familiar to you, but some changes will be necessary to improve the quality of the commentaries and the Bible lessons for your class or private study.

First, formerly, we were the International Bible Lessons Commentary. We are now the International Bible Study Commentary.

Second, we will not be sidetracked from keeping our focus on Jesus week-by-week, for we will be studying the Gospel that teaches us the most about Jesus by His closest friend, John the Apostle.

Third, anyone can start the Bible study of John’s Gospel beginning with John 1:1 at any time and follow along at their own pace. Your Sunday school class or Bible study group can begin at the beginning any time and never get out of sequence. It will be especially easy for you or someone in your class or group to go back and find a Bible lesson you or they might have missed while ill or on vacation. In separate or joint classes, adults and youth can study the same Bible lessons for discussion after church. Some churches and groups do not meet for Bible study or Sunday school in the Summer, so they can easily pick up where they left off in the Fall and not miss anything!

Fourth, our Contents page on the Gospel of John will be easy to use. If you like your studies, you can easily recommend someone go to the Contents page, start at John 1:1, and read the commentaries and/or lessons. If someone joins your group after you have already begun your studies, they can go back and read the studies you have already covered at their own pace.

Fifth, the International Bible Lessons Forum will become the International Bible Study Forum. The purpose of the new IBSF will not change, and our focus will be on Jesus.

Sixth, the International Bible Lessons Commentary is usually read in about 75 countries weekly. It is read in the Bahamas, which has moved me to pray a great deal for the people and the recovery efforts there. We are truly international, and our change of focus and name will reach and teach a lot more people a lot more about Jesus. So, I ask for your prayers as these changes must be made, and they will be made as quickly as possible in the best interests and fairness to all concerned.

Seventh, as long as the Lord Jesus provides (and He has not failed to do so) the International Bible Study Commentary will continue and remain FREE for anyone to use anywhere. We do ask that you pray for us as we strive to keep our focus on Jesus and keeping the commentary freely available around the world.

Feel free to make comments and offer suggestions below.

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May God continue to bless your Bible study and teaching and encourage you by His Word and Spirit!

Teaching the Truth in Love for the Love of God’s Word and His people,
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