Christmas and God's Giving

In the context of our Leviticus lesson and as we near Christmas Day, you might ask your class, “What are some of the things God has given you for which you give thanks to God?” 

If appropriate, you might tell your class that you want to rephrase the question and ask it again, “What are some of the blessings God has given you for which you give thanks to God?” 

Is there a difference between “things” and “blessings” in the answers to these two questions? What difference does it make to look at “things” as “blessings”? 

If a noun is a “person, place, or thing,” then a blessing can be a “person, place, or thing.”

Finally, “What are some of the difficult things or unhappy experiences that you have been given for which you give thanks to God because they turned out to be blessings from God?” 

It was a difficult thing for Jesus and an unhappy experience for His disciples for Jesus to die on the cross, but it turned out to be the blessing of salvation for all who believed and would later believe in Jesus throughout the centuries. 

What “things” or “blessings” have you received that you know with assurance have come to you directly from God? Your class might mention, Jesus Christ, the Bible, Christian family, Christian friends, their church, etc. 

Pray and give thanks to God for all of the blessings that are mentioned in your class!

For the love of His Word,
L.G. Parkhurst, Jr.

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