What to Do When YOUR Class Does Not Meet

How many of you do not have Sunday school on one or more Sundays in December? Sometimes Sunday school program practices and programs interrupt the IBL schedule.

I have wondered what we can do to help our students “keep up” and “not miss” a Bible Lesson when Sunday school does not meet for any reason (recent floods, deep snow, and ice storms come to mind) or if they are ill and miss a lesson or two. If you have some suggestions from what you do when there is no Sunday school class, I believe we would all be helped if you would share them.

Here is a suggestion. Print out the “International Bible Lesson” in the Bulletin Size format and print it front and back (duplex). Cut it in half and hand it to all of your students on the day Sunday school does not meet (if there is a program conflict, for example) or give it to them as soon as you can. Ask them to read their Bible, read the short International Bible Lesson, and then answer the questions on the back of their handout. If you visit a class member in the hospital on a Sunday afternoon or midweek and their health permits, give them a copy and perhaps give copies to members of their family and invite them to your class. When your class meets again, ask if anyone would like to discuss any questions or topics from the lesson they missed when class did not meet. If not, at least they had the opportunity to study the Bible lesson they missed and you can proceed with your scheduled Bible lesson.

What do you do when class does not meet? Have you any ideas to share about how you use the resources on the International Bible Lessons Commentary website and other resources that you study for class preparation? 

For the Love of His Word,
L.G. Parkhurst, Jr.

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