Discussion Question on the Benefits of Knowing God's Laws (Genesis 29)

Remember how Laban misused and abused his two daughters and how Jacob married two sisters? A few centuries afterwards, God gave this law to Moses: "'Do not take your wife's sister as a rival wife and have sexual relations with her while your wife is living" (Leviticus 18:18). 

We can see from hindsight the sorrow doing this brought Jacob, Rachel, and Leah, and the reasonableness of God's law. If Jacob had been given this law or had known of this law, he could have prevented a lot of sorrow if he had obeyed this law (of course, we have no evidence that Jacob knew of any law such as the law God later gave through Moses). If Jacob knew of this law, you might discuss how difficult it would have been for him to obey this law after Laban deceived him. If he had known of the law and had disobeyed it, he would have learned by experience why God had given the law. You might discuss why it is difficult to obey God's laws sometimes and the consequences of disobeying God's laws in these situations.

You might ask your class if there are some laws of God that would benefit people if they knew them, and if they can think of ways to teach others these laws. You might also ask them to consider how the Holy Spirit helps, guides, and empowers believers to obey God's laws. You might ask them to discuss how we can discuss with unbelievers the benefits of the laws of God and the gospel of Jesus Christ and the benefits of trusting in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and receiving the indwelling Holy Spirit from Jesus.


  • The increase knowledge about the custom  in the biblical days make it easier to set the scene at the beginning of class. After reading the weekly lesson I feel empower with more of the word from the old and new testament.
  • I agree with you! Looking at the customs of the people in the Old and New Testaments really gives more life and meaning for me as I read these brief accounts in the Bible of important events, especially events regarding the Patriarchs as ancestors of Jesus Christ and the history of the Hebrew people. I do feel sorry for some of the people I read about too.
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