A Shepherd's Love and the Shepherdess (Song of Solomon 6)

Consider the love between the shepherd and the shepherdess. They long to be together and enjoy each moment in one another's presence. When they are apart, they long to be together again. Now consider the love between God and you. God longs to be with you in loving fellowship and prayer. As we learn more about God, we can pray that God will help us long to be with Him more each day. When the shepherd saw the beauty in his sheep and goats, they reminded him of his beloved. As we learn more about God, we can pray that the events in our lives and the beauty of nature around us will remind us of God's moral and spiritual beauty and draw us closer to Him. God expressed His infinite love for us in Jesus Christ. Jesus is the Good Shepherd and we are His sheep (or as the Church, we are the shepherdess). How can we better express our finite love to God each day? I think one way you express your love for God is by praying, preparing, and teaching the Bible to your Sunday school class or midweek Bible study group, or by being a prepared student and praying for your teacher and your Bible class.

For the love of His Word,
L.G. Parkhurst, Jr.
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