The Value of Using True and False Tests for Review

Some time ago I began writing True and False Tests for the International Bible Lesson Commentary. These tests are very simple, because the object is to Review the Bible Lesson one more time before the class ends or send it home as a Take Home Test for review after class. Some of the questions are obviously designed to bring a chuckle. Sometimes I have brought together a different part of the Bible into the question in a way to make the question obviously false. I think another value of the True and False Tests is to encourage students to correct the False statement and make it true.

Perhaps one of the most valuable aspects of the True and False Tests is to help students to recognize when something they hear or read is not according to the Scriptures. When they hear a statement about the Bible that is mistaken or misleading, they will more readily recognize what is in error and be able to correct it more easily by referring to what they have learned from the Bible.

In order to make these tests less threatening to students, each student should grade their own test and perhaps write notes on the tests as false statements are corrected by other students in the class. Of course, the teacher will have the answer key to help students in their review. Many times classes do not have enough time to cover all of the Bible Lesson, but when there is time, consider using the True and False test as a review and training in righty discerning the truth in the Bible.

I have no idea how many teachers are using the True and False Tests, but if you find them helpful or use them in other ways, please let me know.

For the love of God's Word.
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