A Man Unworthy to Have Jesus in His House -- Luke 7:6

As Jesus traveled to the house of a centurion to heal his servant, the centurion told Jesus to heal his servant with a word, because he was unworthy for Jesus to enter his house. Yet, the elders of the Jewish people thought he was worthy and earnestly pleaded for Jesus to help this centurion and his servant because this centurion loved their people and had built their synagogue. In class discussion, you might ask people what they have done to make themselves worthy to invite Jesus into their house or into their hearts. No matter how good we (or others) may think we are, none of us are worthy to have Jesus in our house or heart. Jesus shows His grace, love, and mercy to us when we humbly ask Jesus into our home and heart and He enters in. When we repent of our sins and trust in Jesus as our Lord and Savior, He will come into our hearts and make us a clean dwelling where He can remain with us forever. He will fill us with the Holy Spirit, Who will empower and guide us to follow and serve Him. 

For the Love of God's Word,
L.G. Parkhurst, Jr.


  • I am heartened by the love the Jewish elders had for the centurion, who endeared himself to his community!  I am delighted that the centurion was a man who served others in his position of authority.  I am encouraged that the Jewish men and friends had faith in Jesus to hear the petition of the centurion on behalf of his servant.  Jesus warms my heart when he responded to the sincere requests for help.  I am surprised that Jesus is "surprised".  I'm sure he knew the faith of this man, but was glad to proclaim it to all within his hearing. May the Lord use me as an instrument of intercession for others who are in need.  

    The chain of intercession shows how intricately connected we are and how those networkings can work for good. Even though Jesus might not have entered the home of the centurion or seen him and his servant face-to-face, I'm sure these people were inspiring and dedicated members of the early church!  
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