When Love Overcame Fear: A Sinful and Forgiven Woman -- Luke 7:36-50

Many times I wish the Bible told us everything we would like to know. For example, the Bible does not tell us whether or not Jesus had met the woman who washed His feet before He went to the home of Simon the Pharisee. I suppose He did, because I suppose she came in weeping to wash and anoint His feet because she had been forgiven much by Him earlier. It is difficult, but I think as teachers, if we possibly can, we need to distinguish between what the Bible clearly states and what we suppose and tell our students what we suppose and why. If a student "supposes" something in class discussion, we might think of asking, "Why do you suppose that?" You might ask your students about what they suppose regarding when Jesus first met the woman and why they suppose that.

You might also ask your students to discuss the possible feelings of the woman when she entered the house of the Pharisee to find Jesus. Then, follow that up with a discussion of the power of God's love in us to help us overcome our fears and insecurities to honor Jesus before others, even His enemies and ours.

For the Love of God's Word,
L.G. Parkhurst, Jr.


  • Jesus meets us where we are; whether it's the gutter or the governor's mansion.

    LOVE brings us to tears.

    We all owe a debt we cannot pay.  Jesus paid it all!

    Let us bring our sacrifice of adoration and praise to Him.

    Jesus is God incarnate and has authority to forgive sins.

    Faith in Jesus Christ the King redeems and restores.
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