A matter of Faith or is it Attitude?

I admit I am struggling to understand what the central theme of this scripture is. I think the context is Jesus talking to his disciples about getting along with each other. He did expect the World to know His followers by the love they would have for each other. Though the context is relationships between his followers, I do not think it is limited to just His followers, but to everyone.
When I read this scripture and get to the place where His disciples request an increase in faith, I think ‘what?’ I want to replace the word ‘faith’ with ‘patience’, or ‘understanding’. Why do they say ‘faith’? From there on I think Jesus is telling them it is not a matter of increased faith, but attitude. What does it take for a person to change their attitude?
The verses about small seeds and trees moving I see as saying it is not a matter of more faith, almost any amount will work. The verses about a servant serving the master I see as saying ‘do your job and do it with the proper attitude’.
Notice Jesus does not end with the attitude He would be expressing if He were to say ‘good and faithful servant’, it is more like the servant is doing it with the attitude of ‘I am so grateful to have the opportunity to serve you Master, I am so unworthy’.
Where does faith inter into this? Does it take faith to have the proper attitude? Perhaps it is more realizing who and what we are and who and what God is, and what Jesus has done for us. Does faith inter in in helping us to realize these things in the first place? 
I realize this quarter is supposed to be about faith, but perhaps this lesson is more about where faith ends and deeds are done with the proper attitude.
But I want to be regarded as a servant Jesus would think of as a ‘good and faithful servant’ one who goes beyond what is required out of my love for Him.
I am glad it is Thursday and there is still time to think on this.
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