Recovery From Mistakes

Even though I am not aware of any mistaken interpretations in my Bible Commentaries and Lessons, I am not infallible (only the Bible is inerrant). I am aware that if I had more words I could have said more about a topic; for example, I am limited by newspaper space requirements to a 300 word Bible Lesson. I have found that sometimes I have made typographical errors. Sometimes I may not be as clear as I intend to be on these websites. Sometimes what I write can be read in a way that I never intended; furthermore, I cannot always control everything that appears on these websites. In order to make clear what I believe about God and the Bible in case there are any misunderstandings, I have added three Bible studies on what I believe on the International Bible Lessons Commentary Resources page. My Bible Commentaries and Lessons should always be consistent with these three Bible studies below, and if they are not, please let me know (see below). These Bible Studies are:

What the Bible Teaches About God

What the Bible Teaches About Jesus

What the Bible Teaches Abouit the Holy Spirit

I hope you will find them helpful.

Please help me keep truthful discussions, studies, and other materials on the International Bible Lessons Commentary and International Bible Lessons Forum. I ask for your prayerful support and if you see anything that is wrong, confusing, untrue to the Bible, or mistakes of mine or others on these websites, please describe what you read or saw  and send an e-mail to me at Thank you so much for your help and understanding.

For the Love of God's Word,
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