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What Can You Do When Your Class Does Not Meet???

When your Sunday school class is cancelled, here are two options for those using the International Bible Lessons series. Please share your options or what you do when you Sunday school class is cancelled or postponed.

1. Print out the Bulletin Sized International Bible Lesson (folded, it will fit in a Bible) and give to each class member, along with the True and False Test, the Crossword Puzzle, or the Word Search Puzzle (available at the International Bible Lesson Commentary website, and which can be printed on the opposite side of the Bible Lesson, then folded). Encourage your class to read the Bible Lesson from their Bible; then, read the Bulletin Sized International Bible Lesson and answer the five questions, finally complete one or more of the other handouts. This will not substitute for your teaching, but it will help them look deeper into the Bible Lesson than just skipping it.

2. The International Bible Lessons for December 18 and December 25 are perhaps some of the most important Bible Lessons of the year, because they emphasize the promised coming and birth of the Son of God, our Redeemer and Lord. These lessons are vitally important even though many have studied and learned the true meaning of Christmas for decades. Some newer Christians need to learn the truths many older Christians take for granted. Therefore, consider using the December 18 lesson on January 1 (or January 8, if your class does not meet on New Years Day). Then, use the December 25 lesson on January 8, 2017. Epiphany is Friday, January 6, 2017; therefore, it is perfectly reasonable to study the birth of Jesus into January of next year!

The Bible Lessons for January 1 and January 8 are from the Psalms. To "catch up" with those lessons, use some of the ideas from number 1. above. You can give handouts to the first two Psalms to your class for the Psalms you missed and continue your study of all five Psalms through the month of January.

Please share your ideas on this topic with other teachers. I'm sure we can learn from one another.

May all of you, your classes, and your churches be truly blessed by God this Christmas and into the New Year! May we know the true joy of Jesus' birth as the Holy Spirit fills us with the love of Jesus Christ. Let us also pray for one another that the Lord will continue to lead us and bless our students as we teach the Word of God!

Teaching the truth in love,

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