Reasons for Confidence in Teaching

From reading 1 John 4:7-19, we can find many reasons to have confidence when we are teaching. Perhaps you can share some additional ideas with other Forum members.

1. Because we are born of God and know God, we love our students.

2. God lives in us, and His presence helps our teaching reach our students.

3. God has given us of His Spirit, and He helps us love and teach more perfectly about the Father having sent His Son to be the Savior of the world.

4. God has given us the worthy goal of helping our students acknowledge that Jesus is the Son of God and what that means in daily life as God lives in them and they live in God.

5. Though in many ways imperfect, in some sense we are like Jesus and we represent Jesus to our students. The Spirit helps our students see something of Jesus as we teach.

6. The presence of God in our lives and His love for us helps us overcome our fears when we teach, and as we teach the truth in love we are made more perfect in love.

What are some things you have learned that give you confidence when teaching, or help you be more confident?

For the love of God’s Word,
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