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Teaching, Fruit Bearing, and Pruning

As teachers, we love God, love His Word, love our students, and love one another. Because we are attached to the true vine, Jesus Christ, we bear much fruit as we teach. Because our students are attached to Jesus Christ and us (at least when they come to our Sunday school or Bible class), they are receiving spiritual nourishment as the Holy Spirit uses the truths we teach from the Bible to help our students bear fruit during the week. 

Jesus said that God is our Gardner. As teachers, God will prune us. Sometimes God will use the truths that we study in the Bible in order to teach to help us remove aspects of our lives that hinder our representing Him rightly and have a bad effect on our teaching. If we do not work with God in the pruning process, the pruning can sometimes be painful, but the pruning will help us bear more fruit and better help our students. 

God, not us, is also the Gardner of our students. God will use the truths we prayerfully teach from the Bible and represent by the way we live to help them bear more fruit. The Holy Spirit can also use the truths that we teach to help them prune away what hinders them so they can bear more fruit. Just as in our case as teachers, sometimes God’s pruning can be painful for them, but they will be able to bear more fruit afterward. 

What are some truths you might share with a suffering student who comes to you to talk about God possibly doing some pruning in their lives?

 For the Love of God’s Word,

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