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New Jonah Bible Study Book from the IBLC

Some of you have requested International Bible Lesson Commentary Study Books for you and your students, and I have found a way to fulfill your request. The IBLC website will not be changed and everything will still be available on the website for you to printout. This is an effort to fulfill some of your requests.

In May, we begin a four-week study of Jonah. Since the Book of Jonah is only four short chapters, I wrote a Sunday School Study Book that you and your students might find helpful. This is an experiment to see if I should write and compile any more commentary study books like this one for your use. Your thoughts will help me decide how to proceed in the future.

Available now from is the Kindle Edition of: When Love Disciplines: The Story of Jonah and God’s Salvation (International Bible Lessons Commentary Book 1). The book is also available as a Nook Edition e-book from Barnes & Noble, and should also be available as an Apple ibook. Those who use Smashwords can also find When Love Disciplines in additional e-book formats.

When Love Disciplines gives you the four online commentaries for May 2017, four Bible lessons, and four sets of “Questions for Discussion and Thinking Further.” Teachers can use the book to prepare lessons further in advance. Students can read the book in preparation for their Bible class by reading the commentary, the Bible lesson, and the Questions before class. Links in the book will enable you to reach online and printout all the other online activities, study materials, and commentaries in five Bible translations well in advance of your class.

If you think this new effort might be helpful to you and your students, please let me know. You can write me at or reply here on the International Bible Lessons Forum if you are a member.

For the Love of God’s Word,
L.G. Parkhurst, Jr.
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