Need information on a class I have to teach.

My subject is certainty in battle. (That is spiritual battles)


  • I do not know what scripture verses you want to use.
    What you can do is use the CONTENTS Tab at the International Bible Lessons Commentary at and if you know the Book of the Bible, the Chapter, and the Verse that you want to use when you teach you can see if there is a Commentary on the chapter and verses you need information on for teaching. Sorry I cannot be of more help!

    May God bless your teaching and your class!
  • I need information on a class I will be teaching, My subject is certainty in battle. In other words we know that spiritual battles will come.
    I will be using 2 Timothy 2:2-3.
    Thank for any help you can give. This will be my first class a men conference.
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    I have tried to help by writing some ideas above titled: "On Fighting Spiritual Battles from 2 Timothy 2:1-5" May God bless your conference. I have prayed for you and the men attending.
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