A Psalm and A Prayer
Psalm 131 & 132

L.G. Parkhurst, Jr.
Teaching the Truth in Love

Psalm 131 & 132

Leader: My heart is not lifted up, my eyes are not raised too high; I do not occupy myself with things too great and too marvelous for me.

People: I have calmed and quieted my soul, like a weaned child with its mother.

Leader: Let us enter into His dwelling place; let us worship at His footstool.

People: O God, clothe us with righteousness and salvation, and let your faithful shout for joy.

Leader: The LORD swore to David a sure oath:“One of the sons of your body I will set on your throne.”

Heavenly Father, We humbly and joyfully bow before You with submissive hearts and minds. Help us to understand Your Word, the Holy Scriptures. Help us to recognize what we can and cannot understand as we study Your Word of Truth. Help us not to fret over truths beyond our understanding; truths that we cannot comprehend as long as we live in this world. Help us trust in You, Your love, and Your tender mercies. Clothe us with righteousness and salvation. Father, thank You for sending Your Son into the world as You promised King David and throughout the Scriptures. We pray through Jesus Christ, Who taught us to pray, “Our Father. . .”

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