A Psalm and A Prayer
Psalm 148

L.G. Parkhurst, Jr.
Teaching the Truth in Love

Psalm 148

Leader: Praise the LORD! Praise the LORD from the heavens. Praise him in the heights! Praise him, all his angels. Praise him, all his host!

People: Praise him, sun and moon. Praise him, all you shining stars! Praise him, you highest heavens, and you waters above the heavens!

Leader: Let them praise the name of the LORD, for he commanded and they were created. He established them forever and ever; he fixed their bounds, which cannot be passed.

People: Kings of the earth and all peoples, princes and all rulers of the earth! Young men and women alike, old and young together! Let them praise the name of the LORD, for his name alone is exalted; his glory is above earth and heaven.

Lord God, we gather in Your presence to praise You with Your people, those who love You and earnestly desire to serve You every day. We confess that we have not always succeeded in our efforts to remain Your loyal and faithful servants. We have sometimes put our selfish desires first and have disregarded Your teachings. Today, we confess our sins, knowing that You will forgive us and restore our relationship with You through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who taught us to pray, “Our Father. . .”

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