A Psalm and A Prayer
Psalm 35

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Psalm 35

Leader: My soul shall rejoice in the Lord, exulting in his deliverance.

People: All my bones shall say, “O Lord, who is like you? You deliver the weak from those too strong for them, the weak and needy from those who despoil them.”

Leader: I will thank you in the great congregation; in the mighty throng I will praise you.

People: O Lord, do not be silent! O Lord, do not be far from me!

Leader: Bestir yourself for my defense, for my cause, my God and my Lord!

People: Vindicate me, O Lord, my God, according to your righteousness. Let those who desire my vindication shout for joy and be glad, and say evermore, “Great is the Lord, who delights in the welfare of his servant.”

O God, we give You thanks for Your guidance, protection, and provision. Our ancestors came to this country to worship You freely. We pray that You will enable and empower us to serve You with true freedom according to the holy scriptures. Help us to faithfully represent Jesus Christ, the Captain of our Salvation, at every opportunity, even as we pray in His Name: “Our Father. . .”

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