A Psalm and A Prayer
Psalm 9a

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Psalm 9a
For Advent and Christmas

Leader: I will give thanks to the Lord with my whole heart. I will tell of all His wonderful deeds.

People: We will be glad and exult in you, O Lord. We will sing praise to your name, O Most High.

Leader: You have maintained our just cause. You have sat on the throne giving righteous judgment.

People: The Lord sits enthroned forever. He has established his throne for judgment. He judges the world with righteousness. He judges the peoples with equity.

Heavenly Father, as we draw near to the day of celebration for the birth of Your Son, our Messiah and Savior, we thank You today for Your marvelous gift to us and all the world. We thank You that He faithfully sacrificed His life in the cause of justice, righteousness, and peace for our redemption. We thank You that He bestows grace and mercy on all those who trust Him. We thank You for filling our hearts with love for You and Your Son. We pray that Your Holy Spirit will help us worship You rightly as we pray using the gracious words Jesus taught us: “Our Father. . .”

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