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How to Find God Again

Recommended for Individual and Group Study
of some of Jesus’ most famous parables

How to Find God Again: Taking the Path to God’s Open Heart

includes fourteen Bible Lessons on some of
Jesus’ most famous parables for those who seek God and those who want a closer walk with God.

For those who want to come back to God or live more closely with God in Jesus Christ,
Spurgeon’s ten Bible Lessons on The Lost or Prodigal Son will inspire you and help everyone
in your Bible Study or Prayer Group know that God the Father
loves them,
forgives them,
will run to embrace them,
rejoices whenever they come to Him,
and wants them to live with Him forever in His home.

Each Bible Lesson in How to Find God Again includes Study Questions
with page numbers keyed to Spurgeon’s message so readers and class members
can find the answers to discuss directly from Spurgeon’s Bible Lessons.
Everyone who studies God the Father’s reception of His lost son
will also learn valuable lessons they can share with
those who are seeking God for the first time or seeking to find God again.

How to Find God Again: Taking the Path to God's Open Heart
will help teachers and students answer questions like these below:

“For the past few months I’ve sorta lost faith, I mean I still know God’s real,
but I often have doubts and I don’t feel happy and loved anymore.
I don’t know what I did wrong, but I don’t feel okay with him ‘gone’.
I’ve gotten down on my knees and prayed and begged him to let me feel the love.
I’d do anything to feel his complete love again and be forgiven
(even though I don’t deserve forgiveness).
Does anyone know any prayers I can say that’ll work?
Or anything that will help me feel loved and help me give my life to God again???”

The questions above and below were asked in internet discussion forums.

“Nothing traumatic or terrible has happened in my life that would make me turn my back on God.
I guess it’s just that . . . well I find it extremely difficult to believe that there is
actually a man up there that is all-knowing, all-forgiving, all-merciful and beautifully perfect in every way possible.
I feel that I am far too logic-based to believe that any of that could possibly be the slightest bit real.
I want to believe though. I have faith that I can somehow find faith.
But sometimes I feel like I am not the kind of person that should be welcomed by God.
The truth is, I like to have fun and live my life the way the average person does,
especially wild teens.
But that lifestyle just doesn’t satisfy me all the time.
I think I am a pretty good person overall and God might accept me again.
But how do I find Him? How do I invite Him back into my life? Someone please help me . . . I’m desperate.”

How to Find God Again: Taking the Path to God's Open Heart


Includes Ten Lessons on the Lost Son

1. God’s Everlasting Love Toward You
2. Find God and the Angels Rejoice
3. The Kindness of the Father Toward You
4. God Offers You Abundant Mercy
5. Think and Act
6. God Will Receive You Joyfully
7. A Holiday in Heaven for You
8. God Exceeds Our Expectations and Prayers
9. Come to Yourself and Come Home
10. The Overflowing Love of God

Charles Spurgeon also preached to help people find God or be found by God for the first time.

Spurgeon’s two sermons on The Lost Sheep will especially help those who do not know God.
Whereas Jesus’ parable on The Lost Son emphasized the love of God the Father for returning children,
Jesus’ parable on The Lost Sheep emphasized Jesus’ work in finding God’s lost children.

How to Find God Again: Taking the Path to God's Open Heart


Two Lessons on the Lost Sheep

11. Jesus Seeks and Saves the Lost
12. Jesus Will Find His Lost Ones

Spurgeon’s message on The Lost Silver Coin focuses on the work of the Holy Spirit through
the lives of believers and the Church to find those who do not know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.
The Bible Lesson emphasizes that Jesus and the Holy Spirit will seek until they find God’s lost children.

How to Find God Again: Taking the Path to God's Open Heart


One Lesson on the Lost Silver Coin

13. The Gracious Work of God’s Spirit

The last Bible Lesson in the book illustrates Jesus’ parables in the life of one of His disciples.

How to Find God Again: Taking the Path to God's Open Heart


One Lesson on a Lost Disciple that Jesus Found

14. An Apostle Lost and Found

Excertps From

How to Find God Again: Taking the Path to God's Open Heart

From How to Find God Again

Signs Along the Path
to God’s Open Heart

1. When you want to be what you ought to be, you can find God.
2. When you have found you are lost, God is very near.
3. The great heart of God is beating with love for you.
4. Christ Jesus is the Way! Take the safe, sure, and perfect path to God.
5. There is hope for the hopeless in the Savior.
6. When your path to the Savior is clear, a second thought is unneeded.
7. True salvation comes to the sinner by Jesus Christ finding him.
8. The eyes of God’s love have followed you wherever you have gone.
9. The mercy of God that embraces millions has room enough for you.
10. Resolves are good, like blossoms, but actions are better, like fruits.
11. Wanting to come back to God is a sign the Lord wants you back!
12. God can be blessed without you, but you cannot be blessed without God.
13. If you would be glad to be saved, He will be glad to save you!
14. If you want to be His child in His house, the door is open and He is watching for you.
15. God can run when you can scarcely limp, and if you are limping toward Him, He will run toward you.

From How to Find God Again

God’s Everlasting Love Toward You

If we found someone who was totally ignorant, we would have a better chance of instructing them quickly and effectively than if their mind had been previously filled with falsehood.

I have no doubt that you find it harder to unlearn than to learn. To get rid of old prejudices and preconceived notions is a very hard struggle. It has been well said that these few words, “I am mistaken,” are the hardest in all the English language to pronounce. Certainly it takes very much force to compel us to say, “I am mistaken,” and after having done so, it is even more difficult to wipe away the slime which an old serpentine error has left upon our heart.

It would have been better for us not to have known at all than to have known the wrong things.

Now, I am sure that this truth was never truer than when it applies to knowing God.

If I had been left alone to form my notions of God entirely from Holy Scripture, I feel that with the assistance of His Holy Spirit it would have been far easier for me to understand what God is and how God governs the world than to learn the truths of His own Word after my mind had become perverted by the opinions of others.


From How to Find God Again

Study Guide
for Individuals and Groups

1. God’s Everlasting Love Toward You ( from page 1)

1. Why do you agree or disagree with Spurgeon that it is harder to unlearn than to learn? (page 1)
2. How did Spurgeon wish he had come to know God? (pages 1-2)
3. How do some people wrongly imagine God? (page 2)
4. How did Spurgeon want to present God to others? (page 2)
5. Describe a person who has not “come to himself.” Is this particular message from the parable of the lost son for such a person? (page 3)
6. Describe a person who has “come to himself.” (page 3)
7. What type of person does the lost son represent? (page 4)
8. What are some things the light of God’s grace can do? (page 5)
9. What does your conscience say to you? (page 6)
10. What comfort and encouragement does Jesus’ parable give to the person who is trying to find God, who feels far away from God? (page 7)
11. What benefit can come from the fear of death and what promise is there for those who rightly fear death? (page 9)

From How to Find God Again

Parkhurst’s Commentary on
Luke 15:1-32

(Luke 15:1) Now all the tax collectors and sinners were coming near to listen to him.

Jesus attracted those who were far away from God and knew it. Time and again the scribes and Pharisees reminded sinners of their sins, but they offered them no good news on how to come back to God. Instead, they saw tax collectors and sinners as helpless and hopeless people to condemn. Jesus thought otherwise; so He came to save sinners.

(Luke 15:2) And the Pharisees and the scribes were grumbling and saying, “This fellow welcomes sinners and eats with them.”

Because they were far from God, they grumbled at Jesus’ efforts to seek and save those who are lost. They too were lost apart from God, but rath-er than admit their lost state, they condemned sinners and those who tried to lead sinners back to God. Though some scribes, Pharisees, and priests eventually came to trust in Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord, many of them continued to persecute and murder Jesus’ followers even after His crucifixion and resurrection from the dead.

How to Find God Again: Taking the Path to God's Open Heart

Released June 24, 2015 by Agion Press

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