How We Grow as Believers in Jesus — John 12:12-19

His disciples did not understand these things at first; but when Jesus was glorified, then they remembered that these things had been written of him and had been done to him (John 12:1).

At first, many of us did not understand the Bible or Jesus’ teachings or the meaning of Jesus’ actions. Jesus’ first disciples were like us. Like them at first, we began by knowing and believing enough to know that Jesus is a person whose teachings are worth trying to follow. Then, we learned that Jesus did far more for us and the world than teach us truths that transform lives and enable believers to live a life worth living in this world. We learned that Jesus came into the world to be more than a teacher of ethics, a good moral example, or a positive thinker. Jesus came into the world to be glorified, but not as this world glorifies super achievers in areas this world admires. God glorified Jesus when He appeared to be a failure, when He was mocked, flogged, and lifted up on a cross. God glorified His Son when He sent Jesus to die as a sacrifice for our sins, so God could extend mercy and the offer of forgiveness to everyone who would believe in Jesus. Then, God glorified Jesus when He rose from the dead and began giving His followers the assurance of eternal life, freedom from slavery to sin and evil, and a life of loving relationships with God and others. Now, when difficulties arise in the lives of Jesus’ followers, the Holy Spirit helps them remember the Bible’s teachings that they have studied, and the Holy Spirit gives them the courage and power to live victoriously during their trials and troubles.

Thinking Further

  1. On what day did Jesus enter Jerusalem to go to the festival? What happened to Him the day before and what day was that?
  2. What word did the crowd use when Jesus entered Jerusalem? What did that word mean? Or what are some meanings of that word? Consider Psalms 118:25.
  3. What did the crowd call Jesus? What do you think His entering Jerusalem meant to them?
  4. To fulfill prophecy, what did Jesus do during the parade with His disciples?
  5. Who did the crowd testify about? How or why could they testify to this?
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