Jesus and Believers Working Miracles — John 2

October 13, 2019

When Jesus performed His first sign at the wedding in Cana, He did so through believers. Though they knew very little about Jesus, not being one of His disciples, the servants at the wedding feast knew enough about Jesus to do what Jesus told them, and through them Jesus worked a miracle.

What type of believer can Jesus most easily work through when He works a miracle? What type of believer will be most able to see Jesus working a miracle through them? We can learn the characteristics of a true believer in Jesus from looking at the behavior of those through whom Jesus worked His first miracle.

First, Jesus worked His miracle through those who had committed themselves to serving others. Yes, the servants at the wedding feast may have been paid for their service, or they may have been friends of the bride and groom. Whatever their relationships or reasons, they had committed themselves to serving others at the wedding. The true followers of Jesus have committed themselves to serving both God and others as Jesus commanded and taught by example.

Second, Jesus worked His miracle through those who had committed themselves to doing whatever Jesus told them to do. When Jesus told the servants what to do, they obeyed Him without asking Him “Why?” questions. They trusted Jesus knew what He was commanding and doing, and they knew they should do what He said.

Third, Jesus worked His miracle through those who had committed themselves to obeying Jesus when He wanted them to do something, according to His timing and not theirs. At the wedding in Cana, whether convenient or inconvenient, no matter what else they were doing, they obeyed Jesus immediately. True believers in Jesus will do what Jesus wants done when Jesus wants it done, or they will prepare themselves to be ready to do what Jesus wants done when Jesus indicates, “Now is the time.”

Fourth, Jesus worked His miracle through those who had committed themselves to obeying Jesus completely. They filled the six jars to the brim. True believers in Jesus do not just obey Jesus part way or part of the time. They obey Jesus completely all the time.

Fifth, Jesus worked His miracle through those who were willing to take a risk for Jesus. Someone might have questioned what they were doing with the jars set aside for purification and why, but they took the risk and used those jars anyway. We do not know the exact time the water changed to wine, but if they took a ladle of water from the jar and the water did not change to wine until it touched the lips of the steward, they took the risk of being embarrassed before the entire wedding party. Sometimes Jesus works miracles at the last possible minute.

If we would see Jesus work miracles through us, we need to examine ourselves in the light of these servants and their way of believing in and obeying Jesus. Though believers in Jesus are not yet perfect, they are growing in grace and the knowledge of Jesus Christ, and Jesus can work miracles through us. Jesus has given us, His followers, commands in the New Testament. If we obey Jesus’ commands in the Bible completely, we will be preparing ourselves to do whatever He wants us to do in the future. We do not need special commands or “words from the Lord Jesus” outside the New Testament to become the type of true believer through which Jesus can help people today, and afterward we will be able to look back and exclaim, “That was a miracle!”

May God continue to bless your Bible study and teaching and encourage you by His Word and Spirit!

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