Jesus and the Best Bible Teachers—John 8:21-30

Those who heard Jesus speak called him “Rabbi” or “Teacher.” What made Jesus the best teacher?

Jesus was the best teacher because of the Person Jesus represented. Jesus represented the Father who sent Him to teach. Jesus did not represent the ideas or teachings of some other rabbi who came before Him as His teacher. Jesus did not choose between several different systems of thought and then try to teach one of them better than someone else. God the Father served as Jesus’ Teacher before and after the Father sent Him into our world. Jesus always taught according to the Scriptures and He came to fulfill them.

Jesus was the best Teacher because He did not teach His own ideas or inventions. Jesus was the best Teacher because He only taught the truths His Father instructed Him to teach. Jesus did not stray off into any “rabbit trails,” so to speak, when He taught. For the sake of discussion, Jesus never spoke as “the devil’s advocate.” When He taught, Jesus was always and only an advocate for His Father. Jesus only taught what He learned from the Father in heaven and only what the Father wanted Him to teach.

Jesus was the best Teacher because His life conformed to His teaching. Unlike the religious leaders of His day, Jesus was not a hypocrite. Jesus did not say one thing while doing another. Jesus did not tell anyone to do what He would not do himself. Jesus even washed His disciples’ feet and died to save sinners. Jesus always did what was pleasing to God the Father. If we want to know what character traits and what behaviors are pleasing to God, Jesus is the only perfect example and teacher for us.

So, who do you think are the best Bible teachers? Most obviously Jesus. Following Jesus’ example, in our day, the best Bible teachers will be those who teach the Bible and not the ideas of someone else or some other group in addition to or other than what the Bible teaches. The best Bible teachers will represent and teach what God wants them to teach from the Bible. They will always try to teach what is consistent with the Bible’s teachings. The best Bible teachers will pray for the Holy Spirit to help them teach the Bible, the Word of God, without mistakes—knowing that we all make mistakes, and praying that when mistakes are made that they will be corrected and no one is misled. The best Bible teachers will focus on the Bible as the true Word of God which does not contain errors or mistakes. The best Bible teachers will not try to change, edit, or rewrite what the Bible teaches in thought, word, or deed so their teaching will conform to systems of thought or cultural trends that they have learned from others; instead, they will try to conform all of their thoughts and actions to the teachings of the Bible—making corrections wherever and whenever they are found. They will stay focused on what the Bible says and will not stray from the Bible’s teachings. They will live according to what the Bible says and try to live as good examples for others, especially according to the commands of Jesus. They will live and teach as disciples of Jesus Christ who they love as their Savior and Lord and they will love their neighbors as themselves.

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