Seeing Greater Things Through Jesus — John 1

October 6, 2019

When Jesus told Nathanael He had seen him under a fig tree, that was enough for Nathanael to believe Jesus was the Son of God and the King of Israel. Then, Jesus told Nathanael that he would see far greater things. By comparison, Nathanael did see a far greater thing when Jesus healed a man who had been blind from birth. Later, of course, Nathanael saw the glorified Jesus raised from the dead.

We do not know all that Philip told Nathanael about Jesus as they walked together to see Jesus. We do not know all that Philip and Jesus talked about. But somehow, Nathanael had enough good reasons to believe Jesus is the Son of God and the Messiah that God promised to send.

The truths we learn about Jesus from the Bible and especially from our study of the Gospel of John will give us enough good reasons to believe that Jesus is all He revealed himself to be in the Bible. If we are truly seeking God, the Holy Spirit will use the truths of the Bible to help us find God in Jesus Christ and draw us to Jesus and God the Father. In Proverbs 8:17, we learn, “I love those who love me, and those who seek me diligently find me.” In Jeremiah 29:13, God promised us, “When you search for me, you will find me; if you seek me with all your heart.” As believers, we can help seekers learn the truth about and come to believe in Jesus too.

Jesus told Nathanael that He found no deceit (nothing false) in him. Nathanael was honestly seeking God, the true God, and in Jesus Christ Nathanael found the true God, the Son of God and the King of Israel. Then, Jesus assured Nathanael that this was only the beginning of what He would see and learn about God as they walked together (which they did for the next three years). After Jesus rose from the dead and filled His disciples with the Holy Spirit, they continued to walk with Jesus; therefore, they never complained that Jesus was not with them—for Jesus was always with them—showing them greater and greater things.

As we seek to find God or as we talk to someone who may be seeking God (or who does not know yet that they need to seek and find God), God will give us enough good reasons to believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior—and enough good reasons we can share with others. BUT, this is only the beginning! We will begin to SEE Jesus doing even greater things in our lives and we will begin to learn even more reasons to continue believing in and following Jesus as a child of God—reasons we can share with believers and unbelievers as the Holy Spirit leads us.

Let me share one simple (but profound to believers) example of seeing greater things the longer we walk with Jesus. As Bible students and teachers, we usually read the Bible in two ways almost every day (if not every day).

First, we read through the Bible in a quiet time. We sometimes call this our devotional reading of the Bible. Second, we read the Bible in our study time to learn more about sometime or to teach a class.

Currently, we are studying the Gospel of John more deeply. Now, those who have read the Bible in these two ways for a long time will be able to tell you that there have been times when their devotional reading (in the Old Testament, we will say) answered a question or shed light on or gave them a better understanding of what they were studying (in the New Testament, we will say). The Holy Spirit arranges the timings of these readings far in advance.

Experiences such as this, simple and profound, show us that indeed the Holy Spirit is working within us to teach us more about Jesus and the saving ways of our Heavenly Father. I believe anyone who is a believer can tell others both smaller and greater things about the work of God (answers to prayers, for example) in their lives—to give anyone enough good reasons to receive and believe in Jesus Christ, and thus become a child of God.

May God continue to bless your Bible study and teaching and encourage you by His Word and Spirit!

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