Signs and the Creative Powers of Jesus — John 4

Many years ago, some people were convinced to join a non-Christian group in my town because the “prophets” in the group told them many things about their past that they thought no one else knew. Without getting into the details of how this can be done in the non-Christian spiritual realm, people need to have more than one sign or demonstration of power before they believe that someone or some group are truly God ordained or teaching the truth of God. With His signs and creative powers, Jesus demonstrated in a multitude of ways that He was sent by God and His Kingdom was not of this world.

Consider, Jesus was able to tell the Samaritan woman about her past that she thought He could not have known. From that and other truths He told her, she believed in Him. But making prophecies were not the only way Jesus got people to think about His message and about who He was as the Son of God and Messiah.

In His first sign in Cana, Jesus used water to change water into wine instantaneously. I guess a good magician could do something like that to enthrall a crowd, but few magicians, if any, could produce between 120-180 gallons of wine instantaneously, even with the help of some trick, as easily and as secretly as Jesus did out of love for others and to gratify a distressed groom and bride at their wedding party.

In His second sign in Cana, from twenty miles away, Jesus healed a man’s son in Capernaum from a disease that was killing him. Jesus did so without saying anything to the boy’s father except, “Go; your son will live.” Only God and the Son of God can and would do all the above whenever there was a need, but without a need to impress others.

As we read about Jesus in the weeks ahead, think about the loving miracles of Jesus and the demonstrations of creative power that only God can do. For example, Jesus healed a man who had been ill for thirty-four years and He raised a woman’s son from the dead and later He raised Lazarus from the dead, who had been in the tomb four days. One of His last miracles was His feeding some of His disciples who had been out fishing all night and who had caught nothing. From compassion for them, without needing to go fishing himself, Jesus had a fire going and fish cooking on the fire before His disciples ever reached shore with the fish that He had enabled them to catch.

Before we are ever taken into believing someone or to thinking that some spirit is from God because they can perform a parlor trick or two, remember the vast array of signs and creative powers that Jesus demonstrated and how His teachings were always from the Bible and true to what the Bible of His day (the Old Testament) taught. One reason to study John’s Gospel is to learn many reasons why we can trust Jesus, and ONLY JESUS, as our Lord and Savior.

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