The Physical and Spiritual Healings of Jesus — John 5:1-9

When Jesus led the Samaritan woman, and eventually many in her town, to believe in Him as the Savior of the world, He healed them spiritually. When the townspeople saw her, the Samaritan woman must have looked physically transformed in appearance as well as spiritually transformed from the inside out to inspire a whole town to run to a well on a hot afternoon to meet Jesus. After Jesus healed them spiritually, the townspeople must have joined her in rejoicing, because they asked Jesus to stay with them. John does not tell us, but probably during the next two days Jesus went on to heal many of those who were physically sick in a variety of ways. Jesus wanted to heal people completely—spiritually and physically. However, Jesus focused on healing people spiritually, for spiritual healing  lasts for eternity

As we begin our study of John, chapter 5, look for comparisons and contrasts. Notice, Jesus chose to heal a man who had been ill for thirty-eight years. John does not tell us why Jesus chose this man out of the crowd of sick people waiting by the pool. Maybe Jesus wanted to inspire others who were sick to believe in Him and seek Him for healing. Perhaps the man was the neediest person around the pool. Notice, Jesus asked the man if he wanted to be made “well” or “whole” (not healed!). The man would need more than physical healing to be made “well” or “whole.” The man did not answer yes or no, but blamed others for his condition. When the water was stirred, the man said someone else always  stepped into the pool before he could get into the water. Then, Jesus healed the man physically. Immediately, he was strong enough to walk and also carry his mat. But . . .  Jesus healed him on the Sabbath.

Did Jesus also heal the man spiritually? It appears Jesus may have waited to heal the man spiritually later. In John, chapter 5, we will learn what Jesus and the man had to do for the man to be healed spiritually and physically—be made “well” or “whole.”

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