We Must Go Thru Our Samaria — John 4:4

When Jesus left Judea for Galilee, in John 4:4, we read, “But he had to go through Samaria.” From time to time, we must all go through our Samaria, a time of testing and trials. But when you must go through your Samaria, remember these truths.

First, wherever Jesus leads, if your faith is placed in Jesus, He will be with you and lead you through your Samaria. You do not need to go through Samaria alone. You can call upon Jesus to help you, and He will. As our Lord and Savior, the promise the LORD gave Joshua through Moses surely applies to all those Jesus leads. In Deuteronomy 31:8, we read, “It is the LORD who goes before you. He will be with you; he will not fail you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed.” Jesus and His Father will deliver you from evil.

Second, wherever Jesus leads you, Jesus will meet all your real needs. Jesus sent His disciples into a Samaritan village to buy food and He stopped at a well of water to wait for their return. After they obeyed Jesus, the disciples had food to eat and water to drink. At that time, they did not need wine; so, no wine was provided. Jesus met their essential needs, just as He will meet your essential needs wherever He leads you.

Third, wherever Jesus leads you, He will teach you lessons along the way. He will teach you lessons that will better enable you to love and serve God and others. The disciples learned many lessons when Jesus ministered to a Samaritan woman and her neighbors. As the Lord Jesus leads you, you can pray for Him to help you learn the lessons you need to learn. He will often teach you these lessons through your reading of the Bible and through your application of the truths you have learned from the Bible with the help of the Holy Spirit. You can trust in the Word of God and all God’s promises throughout your journey.

Fourth, wherever Jesus leads you, He does so for a greater purpose than just to teach you a lesson; though He will do only that if that is what you need. Jesus led His disciples where the field was ready for the harvest. The Samaritans from Sychar who came to faith in Jesus needed the further teaching of the disciples over the next two days while Jesus taught others among the crowd and led them to faith in Him. Wherever Jesus leads you, He will give you the opportunity to help others learn about Him and possibly come to faith in Him. During your journey, you may be sowing seeds by your words or example for others to reap the harvest. Or, Jesus may be leading you through your Samaria to reap the harvest, as Jesus and His disciples reaped the harvest among the Samaritans in Sychar.

Fifth, notice the constant theme repeated in the four truths above: “wherever Jesus leads you.” Pray for Jesus to lead you day-by-day as you read the Bible for greater understanding, trusting that the Holy Spirit will always lead you according to what the Bible teaches and never contrary to what the Bible teaches.

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