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Growing numbers of people want to learn how to pray more effectivelly, grow spiritually, and live more closely to God based on the Bible's teachings. To meet these needs, here at International Prayer Lessons we will be studying the lessons on prayer of highly respected Bible-believing Christians using FREE audio lessons week-by-week. At the International Prayer Lessons Forum, we will also discuss these lessons on prayer and the Bible's teachings, make prayer requests, pray for the requests people submit, and praise God for His answers to prayer.

We will study Christians well-known for their powerful praying; Christians who knew their Bibles, cared for the needs of others, and who knew how to pray. By the grace of God and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, these mighty prayer warriors began to share what they learned about prayer in books that have been read by millions of Christians for more than 100 years. Their writings have stood the test of time with examples of lives being changed and prayers being answered. Thousands of Christians, if not more, have learned to pray as effectively and as powerfully as the writers we will be studying, but we may never know the miraculous results of their prayers until the Lord Jesus Christ reveals them to us. 

The prayer resources at International Prayer Lessons can be used by those who want to learn how to pray more effectively and grow spiritually closer to God through faith in Jesus Christ with the help of the Holy Spirit. Each week, you can apply what you are learning from the audio books we will be studying during your daily Quiet Time of Bible reading and prayer. You will also learn more about how to pray when studying or teaching the Bible, when helping someone in need, when battling against a besetting sin or temptation, when ill, when suffering persecution, or when facing a crisis. Then, you can ask questions about how to better apply or understand what you are learning about prayer at the International Prayer Lessons Forum.

To get the most from these lessons on prayer, we encourage you to work through the IPL Notebook Page as you study each audio lesson and throughout your week of praying. Some may find they learn more effectively and faster by praying with others, and by listening to and discussing these lessons on prayer in a small group as well as at home. Or, you can discuss what you are learning at the IPLF: The International Prayer Lessons Forum!

YOU DO NOT NEED TO BUY ANY BOOKS to study our FREE audio international lessons on prayer, but some e-books and printed copies are still available from and various bookstores.

The books we study will be completely recorded chapter-by-chapter as audio versions. We will begin our studies with The Believer's Secret of the Abiding Presence by Andrew Murray and Brother Lawrence as compiled, edited, and copyrighted by L.G. Parkhurst, Jr., (All Rights Reserved), and published by Bethany House Publishers in 1987.

You may want to read the e-book. From, the Kindle Version of The Believer's Secret of the Abiding Presence by Andrew Murray and Brother Lawrence is only $3.99. Currently, the out of print paperback edition seems quite expensive.

We will begin with the "Introduction" and "Lesson 1" (see the sidebar column on the right for the list of lessons by chapter: click on the chapter title). You can begin the lessons at any time, whenever you find the International Prayer Lessons website. I suggest you do no more than 1 lesson per week so you can actually practice and internalize what you are learning from these great men and women of faith. The lessons will be published week-by-week as they are prepared, if not sooner. For more information, Click Here To E-mail L.G. Parkhurst, Jr.

No matter when you or your group join the study, you can discuss what you are learning week-by-week through the International Prayer Lessons Forum. The IPL Forum is also available for anyone to make Prayer Requests and to share their praises for their Answers to Prayer; so, you can discuss the prayer lessons, discuss prayer, pray for others, make prayer requests, and share your answers to prayer on The IPL Forum. The IPL Forum will be a good place for you to ask questions, for you to share the truths you are discovering with people who seriously want to learn more about prayer, and for you to help others who have questions about prayer, the Bible, and God.

Through IPL and The IPL Forum, our goal is to pray, to teach the truth of the Bible, and to share principles of prayer in love with others; so, feel free to ask any questions raised by your studies, by your group, by others, by the Bible's teachings, or by your experiences in praying. We will strive to give honest answers to honest questions on The IPL Forum.

International Prayer Lessons happily joins with those who study and teach the the Bible using the International Bible Lessons Commentary. The weekly IPL audio lessons on prayer will help us pray with heartfelt inspiration and thoughtful intention as we study the Bible or as we pray and prepare our Bible Lessons and teach.

The International Prayer Lessons will help your Bible and Sunday School students learn more about prayer so they can prayerfully prepare their hearts and minds at home before they enter their Bible study group as well as pray for their teacher and fellow students. You may want to tell your students about these audio lessons on prayer or begin a small "prayer study praying group" at your church or in someone's home. Finally, Bible teachers can use what they learn about prayer each week to help their students grow spiritually as both teachers and students privately practice a daily quiet time at home.

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