Finding the problems and answers together

Having worked the 12 Steps Program in AA, Al-Anon, OA, or other group, some of us wanted something more, so we began Serenity Groups in our churches and homes at no cost to us using free Serenity Groups materials. We sought a group open to the involvement of the care givers and the loved ones of those with special needs no matter what the problem. We have found that this has not worked for everyone, but it has worked for some who come to meetings together. Those of us with a Program also wanted to stay in our current Program, whether AA or Al-Anon, NA or OA. Our experience proves that you only need a few people to begin and maintain a Serenity Group. We have seen many people helped as those with problems and their loved ones have met together with others who sought to overcome similar seeming impossibilities and find the answers that worked. Learn More!