Thru The Bible In Thirty Weeks

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Thru The Bible In Thirty Weeks

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L.G. Parkhurst, Jr.
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Bible Reading Calendars

The Thru the Bible in Thirty Weeks Calendar can be printed and given to each person in the program or read here on this website and printed out at home. The chapters to be read, studied, and taught by group leaders and teachers are entered into the printed calendar and can be revised by individuals and groups for your own purposes. The Sunday readings are actually the Bible books and chapters to be read in the next six days of the week. Students can use Sunday to complete the previous week’s readings or to plan the readings for the week ahead at their own pace. Some suggest that if a student gets behind in their reading that they do not try to “catch up” with what they have missed, but move ahead with the entire group. Most may want to try to “catch up.”

For Individual Bible Study

Pages 1-6 – Calendar Pages: Weeks 1-30: Genesis – Revelation

For Bible Study Groups

These calendars suggest that a leader, teacher, pastor, or preacher share a message based on the previous week’s readings during a Sunday morning worship service or Sunday evening Bible study. In addition, or during a Sunday morning class or evening Bible study, a preview can be given of the readings for Monday thru Wednesday. On Wednesday evening, a preview can be given of the readings for Thursday thru Saturday. If no midweek classes or studies are held, a preview for all forthcoming days can be given on Sunday mornings. The calendars below can easily be revised for those who have Saturday services or studies.

Pages 1-6 Calendar Pages: Weeks 1-30: Genesis – Revelation for Groups